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93 Sc 400 Vibration At 60-65 ?

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ok so i have new tires and brand new wheels but everytime i get up around 60-65 the car has a bad vibration ? at 70 it go's away ? im stump i have had the tires re bal and still i get this vib ? anyone know what i should be looking at ?

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did the vibration only come after you installed the new wheel/tire combo? try put your old setup back on.

if not i would think its the tranny mount.

yea Im not sure it did it with the 20's on there but as soon as i went to a 17" it started this ? I will have the rrany mounts look at today thanks for the heads up

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alot of times the tranny mounts will LOOK fine but they arent. does the vibration come from the center of the car like it vibrates the whole car or from a corner of the car?

it shakes the shifter more then anything at 65 but the whole car has a shimmy

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