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Yet Another Suspension Question......


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I have had my 98 LS400 for about a month now and just love it. I noticed that when I enter my driveway at low speed(~5mph), that I get a little "clunk" sound from the passenger side. The driveway has a small curb just like a speed bump where it meets the road. So when I am turning left into the driveway, I hear a clunk as I go over the bump, but if I approach the driveway from the other direction, essentially making a right turn, no clunk.

I took the car to the Lexus dealer and then to a local tire store and they both said they could find no problems. Either I am super paranoid about my Lexus and expecting too much from it or they are overlooking something rather simple. From a search on previous posts, I am inclined to believe that the sway bar bushings are bad. Would this make sense that the 'experts' are missing it?

Oh BTW, the car has 63k miles on her and is, of couse, nine years old with original equipment. I am a DIY and would not hesitate to tackle this myself but wanted a "sanity" check from some of the more experienced out there. Wonder if I shouldnt replace the shocks/bushings while I am at it. Its got to be something that cant be readily detected w/o actually pulling it off and inspecting or replacing.

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Sounds like your strut is probably in need of replacement. How does the car ride?

Otherwise, the car rides fine...no vibrations, no pulling, no noises.

Not having driven any other Lexus, I am not sure if this is normal but

it does seem to jar the car more than I would expect when the front tires hit a substantial

bump in the road.

Jumping up and down on the bumper in the traditional manner does not seem to

indicate shocks but then again, this may be a somewhat hoakie test(sorry VT :rolleyes: ).

Are you thinking strut/shock bushings or shock itself? Of course if I was in

there to replace the bushings, I would also replace the shocks as well.

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