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Window Tint

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I am thinking of getting my 250 tinted. Where do you guys tint your car and how much did it cost? I am clueless in terms of what to get. Also if you are in bay area where did you get it done? I am hesitant to take it to just any place around the corner.


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Here are the Bay Area I found on another site that you can go for Tint......

Window Tinting

1. Window Tinting Plus (Fremont) - 510.657.5665 (Renee)

2. Window Tinting Plus (Oakland) - 510.839.9871 (Richard)

3. Mr. Tint (San Jose) - 408.929.9290 (Jose)

4. Mr. Tint (Sacramento) - 916.386.0380

5. Mach III (San Francisco) - 510.406.1500 / 415.594.0030 (Sam)


6. Premier Mobile Aesthetics Group (Fremont) - 510.390.6920 / 510.406.1500


7. Driving Edge Window Tinting (San Mateo) - 650.578.0882 (Hubert)

8. Automall Tint Factory (Fremont) - 510.659-8468 (Sydney)


9. Omega Tintwerks (Pleasanton) - 925.227.1322 (Vince) {G35 driver discount}

10. Tint on Wheels (Mobile)


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