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Power Button..

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I usually just leave the power button on all the time.. Lately.. every now and then... when I really get on it... it seems to hesitate like its not getting enough fuel or something... Last week I took my car in to get a few items fix.. mainly the new brake pads... Lexus couldn't find the issue... but said the Power Button should not be used all the time...

Anyone else drive with the power button on all the time? Any issues?

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Is that what it does...keep the RPM's higher? I love driving with the power button on because the car is really much more peppy and responsive.

It holds it in lower gears longer in auto. If you flick it out of auto and shift using the paddles or stick you can hold it in gear longer than the ECT button and it really moves, but downside is you use more gas and increase the engine loading and consequent wear rate :ph34r:

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