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Free Autorx

Scrub Hunter

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Looks like Frank over at Autorx is having a free giveaway. Get rid of that sludge for free-


Nothing is free here. You need to do reg (on his site) and post twice. Then, waste more time, you are put into a "pot" and see what and happens (tick tock...). Then they pick one winner to save like $20. He also is doing nothing new here; many online vendors do the samething.

There is always something with Frank to get free advertising out there. I would wait, since he has "a sale" for everything known to man; more then halmark cards. I bet >60% are from BITOG and most in the add forum too.

For me, if you like the product, I would just spend the $$$ and not waste time hoping and dreaming.

Not knocking the product but there is more too his "free giveway" then this posts title. Plus 100 to 1 you will need more the (1) bottle too (based on using the product in several cars).

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It's not like the lotto, there is only 50 people regged, not bad odds. That's if he only gives one bottle away, but a little birdy told me he's considering more. Two seconds to reg and ask a question, big deal.

True but for me, I would rather just buy and not hope and wait to win a "killer" $20 bottle. The reg and ask any question is not a big deal. Waiting (days) to win $20 is not worth the time. Spend the money and just add the product. If I want better odds then 1 in 50 I will buy a $10 scratch ticket (every 1 in 3 wins)..LOL

Again buying the product you should get your $$$ back and more. Plus you will need more then (1) bottle so just buy it; hell, you owner a Lexus people. :rolleyes:

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