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Please Help With Window Problem

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My left rear window just slides down, without being able to be held up. The motor makes noise so I removed the door panel already, and even removed the motor to test it.

So here's the problem so far:

The white plastic part where the two cables are supposed to meet is broken. I have been searching the forums for the name of that single part, but can't seem to find it. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

Also, the cables seem to have been tangled already. I removed the cap off of where the cables go and sure enough they are tangled and bent badly. How would I go about repairing this. I can remove the cables, and try to untangle as best possible. But is there a correct way of putting it back? i.e. make sure you wrap once before, etc. etc.

I thought I could go at this alone, but I am now stuck, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance. :cheers:

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The unit can't be fixed as far as I know.

Its called a Window Regulator and it can be ordered on the internet. If the cabels are messed up then you'll need a new motor too.

Thats where it will get expensive. The regulator isn't that expensive by itself.

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Your best bet is a wrecking yard and used parts, because new parts may be very expensive. Check the phone book yellow pages and I'm sure you'll find wrecking yards in California that specialize in import cars. A few quick phone calls and I think you'll find your problem easily fixed. Some yards even let you use your own tools to remove the parts from their wrecks and you save even more. We have several such wrecking yards in my neck of the woods and I've had very good success coming up with what I need. Good luck.

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