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Daytime Running Light

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has anybody brought their IS to dealer and ask them to turn off the DRL ?

did you get any problem asking them

i call them up and first they didn't want to do it because it's related to safety

then i told them it's one of the lexus personalized settings, and they finally agreed

so i going there this friday, we'll see if they'll do it or not

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Sorry, but I can't understand why you would want to remove a feature which IS related to safety. Insurance companies even give discounts for cars with daytime running lights (I'm sure you'll be notifing your insurance company that you've had yours disabled, right?) Your argument about wasting energy doesn't hold water - the lights run off the battery, which is constantly being recharged when the engine is running. I'm sure you must have some other reason. Just don't like the looks of the DRLs, maybe?

Lexus prides itself on building some of the safest vehicles on the road. DRLs do provide an extra measure of safety without affecting performance. It's not a feature I, personally, would mess with.

Of course, what you do with your car is your own business. Good luck to you. :cheers:

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