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Fuse And Instrument Cluster

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Guys: I am having seriuous repeatedly blown fuse problems. Here is the whole thing. Can someone shed some light as to what is going on?

The problem started on 5/31. On the way to work, all of sudden, I noticed that the whole instrument cluster went blank, no rpm, no speed, no temperature, no A/C, no blower,no gear light(like that PRND2L). But the car is still drivable. I still have radio. Then I got off the highway, and had a stop light. I stopped. Then, light turned green, I hit gas, no reaction. Car won't move. I freaked out. Then I turned off the car, turned it back on. everything was working again. I decided to head home and send it to the car shop. On the way home, at one point, power brake went out, again no power if i hit gas. So, stopped. turned the car off and turned it back on. Everything was working again. When I was close to home, there were two stop lights. Everytime when I stopped the car, the car would lose power, as if I hit the gas, the car won't move. I have to turn it off and turn it back on.

So, the mechanic took a look. Said I had a blown fuse. simple fix. I picked up the car at night and drove around the neighborhood for a while. Everything seemed OK.

Then, Saturday, 6/2. I drove the car. After about 10 miles, the fuse was blown again. Same sympton, instrument cluster was blank, no a/c, no blower. I drove the car back to the same mechanic. At one point, I lost the power steering. Then, i stopped the car and turned it off and turned it back on. Everything was good. The shop replaced the fuse again. I don't know if they replaced same fuse or a different one. I left the car to them the whole weekend. picked up on Monday. they said they drove the car for a while. Everything seemed ok.

So, now today. on the way to work, about 10 miles, same thing happened again. I drove the car back to the same mechanic. except this time, the driving was ok, no lose of power steering, brake. basically, the car was drivable, just no instrument cluster and no a/c, no blower.

that is the whole story. Does anyone have any clue? I searched the forum. It seemed one person had similiar problem. it tunrned it had something to do with the cigarette lighter. My cigarette lighter never worked since I bought the car 2.5 years ago. So, any clue?


John Wang.

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I've heard of strange electrical issues occurring with cars that have suffered flood/water damage. The problems may not show up right away but over time wire harnesses, electrical components, fuses, relays, etc, can become corroded and cause major malfunctions.

Do you know the history of your car before you bought it?

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