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Invoice Pricing Discrepancy. Am I Getting Ripped Off?

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I am interested in buying a 2007 GS-350. I went into the dealership yesterday armed with copies of invoice price from kbb.com and Edmunds.com: $40,568 plus $175 destination fee. I offered the dealer $1,000 above invoice. After much haggling, they finally agreed. Problem was that their “invoice” did not match the invoice number I showed. They gave me a sheet with the following breakdown:

Vehicle Base Model: $39185

Whsl. Financial Reserve: $461

Dealer Holdback: $922

TDA $576

If you add up the first three figures, you get $40,568 which exactly matches what I found online. But the TDA bumps it up another $576. I researched TDA online and found it to be a legit charge that is passed along to the Lexus dealership by Toyota for national advertising. But why wont the numbers match up? I have purchased two other new cars in the past, one from Toyota and another from Lexus. Every time I come in with an invoice amount from an online source, it matches up exactly with what the dealer shows me. Why is this situation off by $576? The dealer claims the invoice pricing online is off but I don’t believe them. Can anybody help?

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