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New Additions To My Rx 400h

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Hello All,

Just wanted to brag ( LOL) that I installed lexus oem mud flaps and the clear bra on the hood, fenders, and mirrors today! The clear bra is quite a difficult install but is possible with LOADS of patience. If anyone has any questions on the purchase or install of these give me a shout. P.S. I picked up the flaps on ebay for 88 plus shipping and the clear bra for 150 plus shipping!! Good luck to all!

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I don't like car bras, but since you already spent the time and money on one be very careful with it because I have seen bras do more harm than good. Make it a practice to take off the bra and clean it regularly. If any particles of dirt or grit get between the bar and paint the normal movement of the bra will grind the dirt into the paint. I don't want to spoil your enjoyment of your new bra but please be careful so you don't ruin the paint.

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I agree I hate bras!! But, this is the 3m clear bra...It goes on like window tint over the front end and stops chips in the paint!

I had the clear 3M/XPEL applied at the dealer when I purchased my 400h... I paid $600 for the install at the dealer. A hefty price but worth every penny. I have it on my GX470 as well. It saves the front of the vehicle. Especially if you do a fair amount of highway driving. My GX's hood has taken many stone hits over the last three years and it still looks brand new.

The clear plastic is cut from plastic sheets/rolls on a plotter type machine. It has adhesive on one side that is activated by applying a mixture of 70% isopropyl alcohol and water via a spray bottle. Installers usually use a spray bottle of soapy water to help them position the plastic sheets on the vehicle and a hard rubber squegee to get the air bubbles out after activating the adhesive. It is a bit tricky. A thorough cleaning of the vehicle and a rub down with alcohol to remove any wax is a must. I don't think it's wise or even possible to apply it to a hot surface or in direct sunlight. A garage is best.

The 400h is the third vehicle I've had this stuff on. Highly recommended.

I have the front and rear mud flaps too!

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Thanks for the clarificaton, that sounds like a great product, I didn't know they made them for cars. I stick those plastic things on everything. I put them on my headlights, GPS screen, cell phone / PDA. They even sell them for lap top screens but I haven't gotten around to ordering one for it.

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Have it on my Porsche, should have put it on my RX400H. Front ends are very easily marked by stones and bugs. Had a removeable bra for my RX300. More of a pain to use, the Clear Bra is a good way to go!!

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