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I Want To Put 22s On My 1999 Gs300, Do I Need Mods To Make Them Fit?

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18's are the lowest profile one should considercool.gif

Come on DC, live a little! Just think of all the crowds you'll attract with "dem 26ers" They be taking pics all along your route! TMZ will profile your escapades! What more could a Lex driver ask for? ummm ... let me think ... ...... maybe 28s and a lift kit?

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OK, I'll fess up, I'm rollin on 26's and kinda feelin embarrassed, Just didn't want anyone on the boards to know, It's bad enough my neighbors and co-workers are aware of my excessive compulsion. By the way, No rubbin and the ride is better than stock, Heck I can't even feel a speed bump.laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

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I just want to know if they will fit without mods, and if they won't what should i do. Should i lift it an inch or cut the fenders?

What is my best option and approximate price?

lol white boys and gs's....yes its possible ive done it to my gs :) its simply buy spacers for your car :) $50 for front $50 for rear and it lifts your car bout 2 inches :) then simply get the 22's and slap them on


after you slap them on.. you simply clown all them lil gs with 18's 19's and 20's lol

is that a louie vatton tint on that gs? looks dumb. wtf?

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