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Sc 430 Run Flat Kudos

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Recently I had the SC 430 in for its 10,000 mile service.

When I left the dealer I noticed somewhat of a rougher than normal feel to the front end. I brought the SC back then next day and the lead tech and I went for a 30 min high speed run. He was able to feel it as well. Upon return we hit the lift and he discovered that the rear tires that were now on the front were CUPPED.

The solution was to replace the two tires and re align the car with a new version of the Runflats from Bridgestone.

He also stated that Michelin has hinted on making a tire for Lexus in the next year to upgrade our tires. Many of his customers do not like the RUNFLAT concept but are jaded by the trunk space.

Needless to say I was impressed with Lexus dealing with this and not having to raise a brow as I have in my Benz dealings in the past.

All of this was done under warranty and I walked away with a smile and two new $453.00 tires and an alignment.

Now all is well and back to driving.

You may all want to have Lexus check the tires for cupping and see if they take the old tires off........if you complain on shaking and vibration then you may have a shot.

Derek. :cheers:

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Nice. Yeah I've been reading some posts on the run flats and how they suck. Later on you should switch to summer tires if you don't drive near snow. As for the spare tire thing, I don't think you need one if you drive in urban or suburban areas. You'll only need it if you drive on those long stretches with nothing out there. What I did was take out my spare tire (on and sc300), and I bought a tire repair kit and an air pump. Given that I've never seen any of my friends with blown out tires, I'm guessing most flats are from nails and puncture wounds. The tire repair kit should be able to fix that.

I am biased towards the summer tires (or at least no run-flats) because run-flats are usually heavier than standard tires. The tires weight is part of the so-called "unsprung" weight and it plays a role in quickness in handling. Not only that but since a tire is moving and on the outermost circumference of the wheel, any added weight will (theoretically?) lower acceleration.

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Met another SC owner this week and he has sworn onto the Toyo Proxis they are better than the Michelins.

Leaving on a 1000 mile run this weekend on the new run flats so again I thank Lexus for the good care. I doubt if I had this problem on my new Benz I would get the same service.

D. :cheers:

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