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Driver's Side Door Lock

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Driver's door lock on the outside fell through... grrr what a pain.

Does the door handle come off? I tried to take it off but was unsuccessful.

Hopefully I don't have to take the door apart, but if I do, how easy (hard) is this project?

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This happened in my 92 ES...

Basically the inside door panel was taken off and the lock moved back up and secured into place.

I can't comment on doing this yourself as I had taken my car someplace to have it done, but it didn't seem like too big a deal :)

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(WHOOPS..didn't realize this was in the ES300 forum..oh, well, here's this info)


(From the perspective of a '92 LS400..yours may or may not be the same)

The lock is held in place by a fairly sturdy bolt....not sure how that could accidentally come loose, but....

You first have to get the inside door panel off. Take out the window/door lock control by prying it upwards (protecting your soft coverings) and detach the wire connector. Remove the door handle cover and detach the wire connector. (That one is pretty hard).

..a bunch of screws and then pulling (pretty hard) to get the poppers/snaps to come free. Make sure you get all the screws. One is hidden behind the inside door latch cover, and one underneath the armrest. Maybe one more. Be on the lookout for the wire connector for the light underneath the armrest.

Once that's done, peel away the plastic, trying to keep the stickum intact so that it will stick back nicely. Retrieve the missing bolt from the door well (presuming that's why the lock came loose).

Make sure you have the little plastic weatherproofing ring that goes around the lock, then reinsert the lock into the opening, rotated to about 2 o'clock (from the inside) . You will have to press it in very hard and then rotate it back to 12 o'clock position, securing it in position, then refasten the bolt.

Then, put the panel back on.

Hope this helps.


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I knew a guy with a Jag who had no end of trouble with door locks.

I used to greet him with a merry "So which window are you climbing in this week?"

It got old fast.

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