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I have a problem with my new-to-me 1994 LS400. :(

Please take a look at these images (click image for larger view).

LS400_Goo-01_th.jpg LS400_Goo-02_th.jpg

I don't know what this part is called, nor its function. There is a cable and a hose running from the bottom of the part into the firewall. There is also a hose running from the part off the driver side and curving down behind the engine.

Anybody know what this is and/or what might be involved in repairing it?

I can probably do it myself if it is fairly straightforward and doesn't require any specialty tools.

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That's the control that allows heated coolant to enter your car's heating system, thereby allowing the HVAC's fan to distribute heat inside the car. The stiff wire attached to the passenger side of the control activates it when the system calls for heat.

It looks like you have a coolant leak in the control. The red material is dried coolant.

This is a fairly easy item to replace.

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I got the OEM part number for the heater control valve (8724050010) from the local Lexus dealer and called a local Toyota dealer for a cross-referenced part number. He said no-go on the cross. It's a Lexus only part number.

From a dealer online, the OEM part will run $66.86 vs. the local parts counter price of $85.41. I figure I'll save a few bucks even with the shipping cost, and no sales tax to boot.

Thanks for the info!

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I replaced the heater control valve last night, but the cable that actuates it doesn't move when the temperature control in the cabin is adjusted.

See further discussion here.

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