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Why Does The Gear Knocb Jerk While Break Hard At 40-up?


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guys help me through .. plz ... at first it was due to do the break so i changed the front break .. and right after that i notice .. when i break the gear knocb/shift knocb on my 1991 ls400 jerk. i feel it only when i break .. so i decide to change the back break and i did still have the same problem .. so they told me front routor - ummm today i changed the front routors + break and saw the break edge was kinda eating up ..... ummm and still have the same problem .. -- so what should i do ... change the rear break + rutor again ? or what is the problem plz ? and its only happen if i break hard .. i only feel it at the great knock no where els i dont feel it on my foot neither on stearing or on the car .. so why only grear jerk at breaking hard?

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How are your engine and transmission mounts? The car is stopping, but the mounts could be shot, allowing the engine and tranny to shift (move) forward.

all 3 mounts are brand new replace em at the dealer last month ! be advice that it happen only when i break.. doesnt happen when i break lightly or when the car stop compleatly..by the way when i said jerk ..i didnt meant the car wanna run forward .. what i mean by jerk is that the gear knocb move back and forth like when i break it wanna stop but then let it go . its kinda like how you feel when u drop on a whole and come back flat surface .. umm am i confusing?

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