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Replacing A 1996 Es300 Air Filter

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Due to some rather poor engine performance (14 MPG) and recently replacing the tires and changing the oil, I felt that the problem might lie with a dirty air filter. I went out and got the air filter today, and went under the hood. I found the four clips that were holding the box down and unclipped them, but the part that attaches to the air filter house prevents me from moving the cover enough to remove the old filter or put in the new filter. Is there anything I need to unscrew or remove in order to get access to the air filter?

Car Specs:

1996 ES 300

157,500 miles

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Unclipping the 4 clips will not be enough to get the old air filter out and the new one in. Take a look at the large, round, black plastic tubing that comes in on a diagonal to the air filter housing. About 3 or 4 inches from the housing, on this tube, you will see a silver clamping devise that goes all the way around the tube, and has a long bolt that is used to tighten or loosen this "O" type clamp (there's another one farther up this tube, about another 12" or so). Loosen this "O" clamp (the one closest to your air filter housing). That should now give you enough play to lift the top of the air filter housing out of the way, get the old air filter out, and the new one in.

If your old filter is all clogged up, this replacement should make your mileage go up, cause a clogged air filter starves the engine of needed oxygen for the piston firing, and makes the whole fuel burning process very inefficient.


Holland, MI

1996 ES 300

73,000 miles

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Thanks guys, after taking another stab at it I was able to gain enough clearance by getting more give with the black tubing. New filter is in, and I seem to be getting better engine performance and fuel economy. Thanks again for the help.

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