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Foam Guns?

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I have stumbled across an interesting tool to help wash your car. Now usually I use a high quality open hole sponge with lots of suds or I may try the sheepskin mitts but what about the foam gun? It looks like it could really generate nice suds to start working on your car before you then start to "wash" the car. Anyone have experience with this? I saw the Foamaster Foam Gun for around $60. Also is the sheepskin mitt better than MF? or is the sea sponge the way to go?????

Thanks as always.

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I don't like sea sponges at all, for one they have imbedded shells and stuff in them already. What you want is something that has a deep nap to absorb particles that otherwise would scratch the paint. Hence why the Sheepskin and Chenile mitts work well. I only like MF sponges and mitts for hoseless wash systems like QEW and ONR.

I've never used a foam gun but they do look cool. Give it a try.

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Foam Spray Gun:

To remove soils the surface tension that bonds them must be released, then the soils encapsulated and held in suspension to be rinsed away without redeposit or leaving a residue. The low surface tension improves the cleaning process by increasing the surface wetting ability; this provides a more intimate contact between the surface and the cleaning agents.

Question-How can you remove abrasive dirt from a paint film surface without causing marring/scratches? (Butchers® Shower Foam Gun - http://www.messnerinc.com/webapp/catalog/p...em=BAQ-4165900) Fill the container with a quality car wash solution (Stage One Prewash-http://www.stratmosphere.com/STAGE/index.htm, Zymol Clear or Zaino Z7 Car Wash) preferably one that that contains an amino functional surfactants; this is defined as a material that can greatly reduce the surface tension of water when used in very low concentrations

Mixing liquid soap (preferably one that contains glycerine or oil(s) to provide lubrication) and water, and them adding air will produce foam, which becomes a Sequestant / Surfactant [: to hold in solution) which encapsulates the soils (dirt / grit / etc) and enables their removal without intimate contact with the paint surface, minimizing surface marring or scratches. By using a pH balanced ( 7.5) to help preserve your wax /sealant ) foam wash will help to remove damaging dirt particles from your paint it's also provides a cushion (foam) to enable a towel to glide just above the surface to avoid rubbing any dirt /grit into your paint finish.

Methodology- Select a suitable dilution setting of the five available. Take your time and flow the foam over each panel, allow to dwell for about 10 minutes or so, then agitate with a sheepskin mitt or a foam core waffle weave Microfiber towel using the foam gun in one hand, and the mitt in the other, once all of the panels have been completed, rinse vehicle with clean water and dry thoroughly.

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