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May Be Problems, But Maybe Not......?


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I searched the forums extensively (the last 3 hours) about a couple of issues but didn't find what I'm looking for so maybe someone can help? As the title of this thread says, I'm not positive that I have any problems here, but I want to confirm one way or the other.

Firstly, the power antenna noise -

figured out

Secondly, the temperature gauge reading -

For the last few months I've noticed that when the car warms up from cold, the temperature gauge needle will slowly climb until it sits just above the center (normal operating temperature) mark on the gauge and remains there for approximately 10 minutes and then will settle back down to the center mark and stay there from that point on. It doesn't seem like the car is going to overheat, but the needle does go just above what I would consider "normal" for a number of minutes before it drops down and stabilizes at the center mark on the gauge. I had the thermostat replaced about a month ago and thought that this might fix this "problem" (if it is a problem) but it had no affect - it still does the same thing when warming up even with the new t-stat. I talked to the service advisor at my local Toyota dealership about it (where I had the new t-stat installed), and he said it's nothing to worry about. He said that once the temperature gets to the point that it goes above "normal" then the fan kicks in and that's why I see the temperature drop back down. My question would be, why does it take ten minutes before the needle drops back to the center mark on the gauge? This occurs every time the car is warmed up from cold.

So, is he right that this is ok and of no concern, or is there something going on here that needs looking into?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

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Ok, so I've found the answer to my first question on my own. The noise the power antenna is making after the mast is fully extended is not normal. Since all of us 2nd generation ES300 owners have a power antenna, it seems someone here after reading my post might have taken the time to tell me that but, anyways...

I bought the mast from a member at the "other" online Lexus club website in their ES300 classifieds forum and apparently there is a short section of the pigtail cable missing from the end of it which explains why the motor still runs even though the mast is fully extended. Thanks to the so-n-so for selling me a bum mast... :angry:

But I still have no answer to my second question regarding the temperature gauge reading.

C'mon guys...you all have temperature gauges too out there. Does your temp gauge needle do the same as I described?

Cheers :cheers:

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