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Keyless Remote Horn?


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Hi guys, wonder if my 1992 ls400 got a horn for keyless remote audio? if I stand very close to the car, I can heard the locks turn-over..but there is no sound or light flash indicator..is there a option for it? thanks

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There should be a beep sound when you unlock and lock the car with the remote key. The beep is very low and can only be heard if close to the car. That is the only indication when using the remote, no lights, horn, etc.

But when the alarm goes off THAT is identical to any other alarm, flashing lights with loud horn.

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that's s*ck..maybe I should look for after market alarm system..thanks guys..by the way..I just got done replacing the "Air Control Valve" it took me three hours..but it worth very penny..a good learning experience :-)

The "beep" sound for the remote locking was added beginning with the 1993 model year.

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