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Heys guys does anyone know or have an idea where I can find out if this Toyota Navigation will fit my 1996 ES300? I've seen it installed on a 1997 Lexus ES300 and would like to know if it fits the 1996 ES300.

here are some pics

PS added a photoshoped pic of my car with the nav on.




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lol smasood - he photoshopped the pic into his car as a 'demo" look. not actually isntalled it yet... ( i admit it looks amazing! )

godfather - ive done a lot of wiring work on the es in general. it would all depend on the rear connectors on the nav unit. ive never touched an OEM nav before, im not sure if the antenna is hard wired to the "shark fin" normally or not for connection/reception. if it is... you already know the es doesnt have one. might be a problem. i'de need to find a spec sheet + pinout of the nav unit in question to know for sure.

got a link as to where you saw the 97 with this mod installed? im very curious. this is pretty bad !Removed!, might have to do it to my car too while helping you out haha.

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