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1998-2000 Ls400 Fog Lights


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I had a fog light blow the other day and realised one of my HID bulbs had blown.

So i proceeded to remove the light from fog light to find the bulb had cracked.

When i took the bulbs to my basement i had to remove my collars as i rebased the d2s bulbs and put a 9006 base on.

I had to use an old fog light i had to make sure i had clearance on the original bulbs in the housing. I then realised there is a metal shroud inside the foglight to reduce glare.

I wondered how hard it was to remove as it was an old foglight and it took 2 minutes to fold and snap out as it is made of tin . It is basically a U with the bulb inserted at the top of it. It then has flaps on both sides to envelope the bulb . You have to pry the flaps inwards to the upper and lower main arms . You then wiggle it back and forth and it snaps off . Then pull it out and it is read to go very easily. It is so easy the the light output is 40% better as 90% of the bulbs were covered . Just replace the old bulbs and you are good to go . It does create a wider pattern but glare does not seem to be an issue but i never drive with the m on unless i have a reason to use them.

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