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My New Exhaust System With An X Pipe


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Well at first i though this was the stupidest thing i could ever do to my baby. After a few days of bedding it down with carbon it has become beautifully quiet except under load. Basically i had a shop remove everything from the cats including the flanges on them to replace it with new piping to replace the restrictive bends under the cats on the engine. It goes into a magnaflow xpipe and then to my 2 L-Sportline exhausts. All piping is made of stainless steel to last a lifetime just like my LS. I did not add any resonators which i thought i needed but not yet at least. Also moved the rear mufflers further back to stick out of the bumper by 1/2 and inch . It is not much but gives it a very meaning look. The car now sounds like a V8 finally when i hit the gas. I can;t believe i am driving a Lexus but once i am at cruising speed it is back to the quietness of mild wind noise as my only accompaniment. My performance has gotten much better as it will make the trac light go off so easily now even occasionally on 1-2 gear shifts. Gas mileage also seems to be getting better but it is also getting warmer and i don't idle the car as much to know for sure.

I'll post some pics and a sound clip later when the car is clean again.

I love it when i hit the gas and everyone looks around except at me since it is a Lexus. LOL


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SK, love the sound of your exhaust.

But...what I want to know is are you running an aftermarket bumper with cutouts for the tips? I also have a '98, but my bumber has no cutouts for exhaust.

Where did you get those half moon cutouts?

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I don't live in a beutiful warm place like Hawaii so they are my winter rim/snow tires.

My normal rims are back on my car right now.

I have a body kit , it look almost like stock but once the wheels are back on it shows it more. The mufflers i have are made for the kit as well. All L-sportline. You'll also notice the black mesh insert running across the bumper telling you it is not stock.

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