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Coolant Replacement

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Hi All, :)

Th other day, my 95 LS had a tune up, replaced plugs & wires. There was coolant leakage during this time.

The service guy refilled with water from tap because he did not have the lexus coolant (red color). He said, it is OK and I can replace the entire coolant later.

Please let me know if I have to flush out all coolant and replace with dex cool ?

The current level is below the Low mark indicator. Any suggestions what I should do. Can I flush the coolant and refill with dex cool my self ? or just top off the current coolant with dex cool ?


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I would not advise anyone to use Dex-Cool. Toyota has their own long-life coolant, which is red in colour and behaves like the regular green glycol, only it lasts longer. It is also suitable for the dissimilar metals in our engines.

Dex-cool is a product used by GM, and marketed I think through Texaco to others, which is a long-life coolant. Used correctly it works well, but it is not to be used in any application that incorporates soldered brass or copper tanks. It must also be protected from contact with air, so earlier non-sealed systems can't use it. Given all the restrictions on its use, stick with the Toyota product.

Keep the tank topped up - use clean water. When you have the time, drain the rad at least, if not the block as well and top up with a 50/50 mix of Toyota coolant. That will ensure the engine has a proper mix of coolant and water.

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Thanks SRK,

I think I will go for the Toyota coolant. If i understand it correctly, you said I can just top off the radiator with water for time being.

And later I can Drain the radiator and fill in with toyota 50/50 coolant. Do I have to go to a service station to do a Drain & Flush ? Can I do it myself ?

I think the Flush part is little complicated.


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Don't worry about "flushing" the system. Mostly that too is a bit of a gimmick. The engine should not have any appreciable build-up in it.

The rad has a very convenient drain on the bottom, with a hose on it even. Use that. Top up with the red stuff, and away you go. I am sure you can do it yourself. Dispose of the old coolant correctly, you should have a recylcing facility nearby.

Some folks use distilled water in the mix if your local water is known to be hard and have minerals in it.

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