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Today I went out to my car and put some cd's into the cd changer and when I put them in and I could hear them loading but when I got into the car to listen to the cd's I pushed the "CD" button and nothing happened, I tried pushing the button several times and nothing. Any ideas on the problem because it could not be my head unit because it works fine and the cd changer appears to be recieving power because the eject button lights up but when i press cd nothing happens.. I dont know what is wrong so if anyone has any ideas/suggestions that would be great.

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Any luck with this issue? I am having the EXACT same problem. Only thing is I had removed the cartridge and left the door open by accident - for a couple months. Didn't realize it until I went to put new CD's in. Wondering if it has something to do with stuff (dust, leaves, etc.) getting into the changer itself.

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The CD player on my 94LS was acting up badly 3 weeks ago. It had complete sound loss, then some sound, then nothing. I was going to tear the changer in the trunk apart, but first I tried cleaned all the disks with a rag. No luck. Then I had a seminal moment. A 14 year old car probably gets dirty everywhere, even in the trunk, despite treating it like a gem.

So I ordered a Memorex CD cleaner disc from Amazon.com, along with some special static rags to clean CD's. The cleaner CD, with some cutie giving verbal instuctions, cleans the laser sensor doobie that reads the discs. Result? The music is as good as ever. The cost? 16 bucks.

Another Lexus dealer escape. I recommend trying this remedy first-you never know...

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Dirty cd's can be a problem to read. No matter how you store them, the coating oxidizes and develops a layer of fim on the surface. Cd's should be visually checked regularly for smudges, scratches, dust, hair, etc. Are you sure you didn't load any of them upside down? Are the cd's sitting snugly in the individual loading trays. Try ejecting the cartridge and reloading it. If the cartridge is not pushed in with enough force it might not lock in and consequently won't allow the cd's to load. When removing the cartridge I would also have a look inside the player to see if there is anything inside that might be an obstruction.

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