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New (used) Lexus Owner


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Hey guys, I just recently purchased a '93 Lexus SC 400 from my brother. It has 123,000 miles and he turned down $7k offers to give it to me for $2k as long as I don't sell the car :)

Anyway, I first purchased the car in early January and it had been in the shop until about 2 days ago. There was a problem with restarting the engine after it was warmed up. After several mechanics one guy was able to rig something up and, although my TRAC light stays on, the car runs oh so sweet.

I had some other little problems that I was curious about and maybe you all could help me with:

*My heat seems to be really screwy. I've read someone else's post about his "low-rpm no heat" problems and he mentioned a resevoir for coolant... Where would I find this to check

*I have a strange, rather loud "creaking" noise by/on one of my wheels when going over speed bumps and such (I have to go over about 5 to get to/from my house). I can try later to upload a sound of it when I'm off from work if it would be helpful. Would this be a faulty shock, bushings, or simply a lack of lubricant? Any help would be appreciated.

*I've also caught symptoms of what you guys mention may be a problem with my "rack bushings" where, at random times, the car will quickly drift without warning. Would this be linked with my "creaking" noise?

*Passenger window fails to move the window more than an inch. I've read about this on the forums and was curious on pricing for this if it is a busted regulator.

*As far as an intake/exhaust goes, I've heard that the SC 400's are extremely sensitive to changes and was wondering what your recommendations would be for these two items. I've read a lot of you like the Magnaflows....is this a good setup that can still keep the car "Lexus Quiet" during idle?

Again, any suggestions/comments would be appreciated. I'll post a pic of the car tonight :)

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Well I guess I could scratch all that for the time being. Turns out the restarting problem hasn't been fixed and it'll be going back to the mechanic. I think I'm going to have to resort to the Lexus Dealership....God help us all. I think I may have a connection though but I hope something can be done. After reading all the recommendations here, I'll make sure to check the fuel pump and IACV. Fingers crossed....

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