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Melted Fuse Box


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When I bought my 1991 LS 400 approximately 3 years ago, I noticed that part of the fuse box was melted. Lately I've been having wierd outages in different lights. Sometimes the interior lights won't come on when I open the doors, the main interior light never comes on unless I push the buttons. The light for the radio and the shifter went out about 2-3 months ago. And now tonight my parking lights aren't on. I know the brake lights work and the turn signals, but no parking lights. I was wondering if anyone else has had some of these issues and how much of a pain is it to replace the fuse box?

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It's probably a loose connection near where the plastic is melted.

Pull the neg terminal on the battery to prevent any sparks and take a wrench to the main bus terminal of the fuse box. You may need to remove it fron the fender to get at the main connection and branch connections.

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Well I figured out the parking light issue, the fuse was melted to the fuse box. The fuse box is only melted near that fuse.

I had my mechanic check the fuse box and the interior lights still aren't working. Any other thoughts?

Also another problem, I had my mechanic replace the thermostat because my heater wasn't working. Well I now have some heat, but when the car is in park I get no heat. Any thoughts on why it doesn't work properly?

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