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Usual Maintance Tb,wp And So On Fixes Vibrations


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Well i just replaced my

timing belt

water pump

tensioner pulley

idler pulley

thermostat and coolant

I was not sure when the last time it was done and was very worried it was over 200 000km since the last change . I am at 305 000km right now and did not want to buy a new engine if it snapped.

I got the car back and found the old belt was perfect. No rips ,shredded small fibers sticking up or anything.

At least i have a piece of mind now as i have had the car for 60 000km .

I have the old parts and the tensioner and idler pulleys must have been the original as they had a small amount of play so i am glad i replaced it now. The best part is the car had a noticeable vibration when revved to the 2000 rpm range . It is now gone completely and nice and smooth again.

I still have the serpentine idler to replace as recommended by the dealer to do later.

After all was said and done i spent $1000 plus 400 on parts which is not too bad as it is Canadian.

So if you are changing you belt for the second time i would make sure to change the idler and tensioner every other tbelt service.

Funny enough the cam and crank seals were good as well so they did not need to be replaced. Also the crank came off very easily as per the tech.

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