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Sludge Warranty, Anyone Tested It?


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I posted this previously but in the wrong place, i'll try here.

I rec'd a card from Toyota related to my 2002 RX300 discussing options/coverage related to the well discussed subject of sludge. However, I am interesting in finding info from folks who have either been covered by the extended warranty/settlement or have dealt with your own dealership on this subject. I don't know whether i have a problem or not, though the car does burn a lot of oil, about one quart in 2500 miles (seems like a lot to me). I have not pulled the valve covers.

Any input on your experience with the dealerships and how they are treating this situation would be apprec. I did a quick search and found little info, but if there is a thread already covering this, perhaps you can direct me. thank you,

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There have been a few responses on this forum from folks who have been faced with the oil gelling issue. As you would expect, some of them received immediate recognition and support from their dealerships while others had to battle to obtain warranty resolution. Dealerships' willingness to admit and address warranty problems unfortunately varies so much from place to place. An owner's best approach is always to glean as much information as possible about the issue, fully document your particular problems, and then stay professional yet firm when communicating with the dealership. Go directly to the Service Manager and if necessary, the General Manager. Don't waste your time with Service Advisors.

Having to add a quart of oil at 2,500-mile intervals is definitely excessive oil consumption. But that may or may not be an indication of the oil gelling problem. If you have significant mileage on your vehicle (100,000 miles or more), this could be an indication of normal engine wear such as your piston rings beginning to go. There are a number of different causes that could be possible in your case, but you should definitely negotiate with your dealership to pull the valve covers and inspect for oil gelling. I was able to get my local dealership to do that at no charge a couple of years back on my wife's 2000 RX300 when it was in for some other warranty work at the same time. Inform your dealership that you are well aware of the oil gelling issue, you've researched it, you suspect that it may be occuring in your vehicle, and you expect them to address it for you.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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