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Vsc, Cel And Vents


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I'm new to this forum and have found a lot of useful tips and helpful advices from this site. I have a 98 LS and have been having a problem. In the morning when i start the car, VSCOFF and CEL comes on and CHECK VSC across the display. engine idles around 2000rpm and could not get it to go more than 5-10 mph. a few other LOC members seemed to have the same issue with their 98 LS.


i have tried cleaning the throttle body but problem persists. now, the vents becomes another problem. nothing comes out of the vents. No a/c or heat....arrrghh... b4 the vents problem, i had the car scanned..3 codes came up.

code C1210 - Zro point cal of yaw rate sensor undone

code P1120 - Accel pos sensor circuit malf

code P1121 - Accel pos sensor range/perf

please help.... any advice would be greatly appreciated.. thanks!!!

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funny you asked if problem persist after the engine is warmed up... matter of fact, it goes away, after the engine warms up. the VSCOFF and CEL would still be on but the throttle feels ok after a while. in fact, these last few days, the weather in the morning had been around 50s (warmer) and those pesky lights dont even show up anymore. i'll try to get the TPS checked this weekend and i'll let you know.

as far as the vents, now, sometimes it blows, sometimes it doesnt. what could caused that?....

thanks for the reply!!!!! ;)

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thanks for the prompt replies.... i'll definitely have the wires to the blower motor checked and as well as the battery. just curious, ... could the battery cause the system to reset and have the VSCOFF and CEL lights to come on and the car to react like that?......thanks!!!

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