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What Is This Brake Pads Or Calipers?

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Hi, I drive a 94 gs300, I looked down near my tires and It would seem that the things that close down on the disc brake things(I dont know if there called callipers or brake pads) are kinda old and messed up, Its like concrete or rock or something, I assume the close down onto the disc to stop the car when i brake, I need to know the name so i can replace them, How much do they go for? And i was thinkin about putting red ones cuase my car is black, with black rims.

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Oh thanks, My brake pads seem ok actually, Theres not squeak or breaking in them, Is there a way to replace the calipers without having to get rid of the Brake pads? and are caliper covers the same thing as Calipers? And are calipers universal,or do i have to buy the exact type for my lexus? sorry for so many questions

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Why do you want to replace the calipers? Are they frozen or sticking? If your going to replace the calipers you might as well replace the pads as well, since, everything will be off anyway. Brake pads arent expensive at all so, replacing them should be done. There should be a little view hole in the top of the caliper so you can check to see how much pad is left if you don’t want to remove the caliper.

Calipers are not universal and are specific to each car. They are specific to each corner of the car as well meaning the calipers on the front right, front left, rear right, and rear left are all different. There is no such thing as a caliper cover it is just the caliper. You could paint them whatever color you want with special paint but you paint directly on the caliper itself.

Price out everything online first. Do not go to a dealership for parts unless the aftermarket doesnt make them. Try out www.rockauto.com for parts. I buy parts from them all the time for my cars as well as friends cars. Never had a problem their prices are great and customer service is superior.

No problem with the questions better here than buying the wrong parts or !Removed! the car up.


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