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Engine Swap


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Can anyone tell me what problems or snags should I expecting when changing a lexus engine to a camry engine. My mechanic has told me that he thinks it will be a tedious job to do and has cautioned me that it is not as simple as I think. The engine looks the same to me except for the water housing on the lexus and es seems to have more sensors then the camry. I bought the camry motor from japan and it has 42000 miles on it so that seems very appealing to me since my engne is pushing 200k's. The engine came with a years warranty with exchange if I change certain parts such as the time belt, rear main gasket, and various other parts. To me a non mechanic that does not seem hard with the two engines out of the car. What do you guys think is it worth it I already got the camry engine and I am ready to go pending your opinions. Tyrosome and Sk I would really apperciate input from you guys. :chairshot: :angry::ph34r: ;) :cheers:

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