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yep.. has velour seats.. this is popular in japan due to their climate.. i did want leather.. but to get all the things i wanted was hard

remember.. this car is not made for the UK.. so we have to import the car over.

first off she is a very rare 5 speed manual.. i chose this because of re-sale value later on

She is a 2.5 Twin Turbo with the 1JZ-GTE engine... She has a holographic digital dash with onboard computer

after reviewing this car from many owners then are getting some very good performance specs from this engine

Book power output 280 BHP 363Nm (at 4800 rpm) Torque. 0 to 60 mph 5.8 seconds 0 to 100mph in Circa 14 seconds and top speed of 170 mph.

This is specs for the auto box.. I find the manual box really nice!!!! I took her out on some windy country roads last night (in the uk we have some very small windy roads!!) aand she handled like a dream! the power was sooo sweet... i could not stop smiling!

the price you ask.. well i paid £4895 which is about $7000

oh yeah.. 60,000 kilometers on the clock.. which is about 36,000 miles! and she is a 92 model.. yes you read correctly 92!

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i love the tight feel.. like a new car feels nice and tight.

immaculate interior is very sweet!

been having some fun this weekend and all the girlies love it!! ;)

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