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Creaking Noise....what To Do....

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Hey, a few weeks back my IS350 was making this strange noise when I dropped it into gear (from park to drive, or to reverse, or from reverse to drive, or drive to reverse) it was a like a metal on metal sound and it made a really loud clank when dropping into gear the noise comes from the rear only.

Funny thing is, this was the only time it ever made the noise, never while driving....So I took the car in and they first trimmed the brakepads in the rear and lubed them up....Well that didn't take care of the problem, so after leaving my car at the dealer for a week they finally thought it was the rear brake assembly so they ordered the parts and it took a week to get here. Well it's about 2 weeks later and I just got my car back today.....I tested it out there and no problem....For a few hours no problems at all, and then I went to go move my car in the driveway the noise was back again....

What should I do? Does anybody have any idea what this could be? I guess Iam going to have to take it back to the dealer, but if after two weeks this is all they came up with and the noise is still there I doubt they will have any new ideas.....

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