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Dealership Wants To Charge 800 Bucks For Rear Brakes


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Go to Midas and save $400 if you must......

A little rust is no biggie on the rotor as long as the surface is smoothe and is not warped, always try and use OEM parts....

Gotta love the dealerships always trying to rip you off....Man people....

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Just did the rear brakes on my 91 ls

50.00 for the pads and about an hour of labor. Easier to do than my 96 Impala SS


I agree with Andy. $800 sounds way to steep if it's just surface rust. Check the rotors. If it's just surface rust I would think resurfacing them should take care of it. Should cost you under $20 a rotor for that.

You might also want to check for an independent Lexus shop. My local Lexus indi shop is charging me $160 total for parts and labor with resurfacing the rotors using OEM pads. Find out how much those pins are, they shouldn't be much.

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The dealer may have included the cost of new rotors if the car has a lot of miles. Rotor change, disc pad change, caliper rebuild maybe, and parking brake shoes could all total to $800.

It's not likely that the dealer would just change the pads...although that is probably all that the car needs and it can be easily done by an owner in about an hour.

If you decide to do the pads yourself, be sure that the new bits include shim packs and special grease to keep the new pads from squeaking. Also, it would be wise to check if the rotors are getting thin.

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