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Any Way To Alter The Seatbelt Warning Chime?

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I'm in the habit of un-buckling as I approach the house to either get the mail or navigate into the side entry garage. The warning chime starts immediately, which seems sort of dumb. Geesh - I know it's unbuckled... I did it... so I don't need to be warned. This is perhaps the smallest-ever annoyance, but is there any way to add a lag time before the seatbelt warning chime kicks on? or... better yet, any way to turn it off? I checked the personalized settings menu, but don't see it.



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1. turn the key to the ON position (press Start 2 times), foot off the brake

2. cycle the odometer with the trip reset button until the ODO is displayed (not trip A or B )

3. turn the ignition to the LOCK (OFF) position

4. unbuckle the driver's seatbelt if it was buckled.

5. turn the key to the ON position (Press Start 2 times). when the dash lights have come on, press and hold the trip reset button and count a slow 12 seconds. (editor's note, hold it more like 30 sec)

6. while still holding the trip reset button, buckle the driver's side seatbelt.

7. the odometer display should read "b ON" or "b OFF". toggle the beep OFF with the trip reset.

8. the process should be completed when you unbuckle or turn the key off


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