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Replacing Wheel Bearings (front)


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I'm just now gearing up to replace both front bearings. And in doing so, found out from the place that's going to press the bearings that there may be inner and outer sills needing replacement also - and if I don't supply them I'll get charged extra for the press job.

Can anyone tell me what, besides the bearings, gets replaced with the bearings?

(One day, I'll just spring for the shop manuals, but until then...)

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the front wheel bearing on these cars look just like a normal ball bearing that you would see anywhere. i changed my fronts on my LS and all i took was the hub assy. the bearing, and the dust seals. i think the shop is thinking this car might have an inner and outer race? anyway just go and get the seals and the bearings. you should be fine.

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I have a question concerning the wheel bearings. I have alot of road noise now than what I did when I first bought the car a couple years ago. I just had new tires put on and it didn't help too much. When I'm on the highway its loud enough that sometimes I have trouble hearing people on the phone. Also, when following the highway making a slight turn increases the level of noise. Does that sound like bad wheel bearings.

Anyway, here's what I've come up with.---Lexus Dealer: Pembroke Pines Pricing...

Front wheel bearing (90903-63006-77) $53.03 each (QTY 2)

Front oil seal (90311-50008) $6.50 each (QTY 2)

Rear wheel bearing (90369-43005-77) $58.14 each (QTY 2)

Rear oil seal OUTER (90311-57001) $7.26 each (QTY 2)

Rear oil seal INNER (90311-63001) $9.38 each (QTY 2)

**Part numbers should be good for all 92-00 sc's. But double check anyway just in case.

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Those prices are better than what my import supplier wants for bearings. I'm going to have to call my dealer and see what he's charging for them. I won't be doing mine unitl the weather breaks here in Michigan.

Regarding the noise, that definately sounds like the bearings. You can save yourself some money by removing the hub assemblies yourself (rent a hub assembly puller from your local car parts store) and taking them to an autoparts store or machine shop that presses bearings.

I've got a local shop that'll only charge $25/bearing to remove old and press in new.

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