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Problem With My Sc400

mizzou baby

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The ignition locked, when I put my key in the steering wheels adjusts to my settings but the key can't turn, its like the steering wheel locked and won't let me unlock it or move the key....any ideas???


TexasComputerMan, If the other 2 posts, still hasn't solved your problem? Try this, when putting the key into the lock and the function settings stop. Push in the key at the same time turn the key back (counter clockwise) Then forward (clockwise)

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Make sure the car is in the park position...Shift it down then back to park then try turning the key...

If that doesn't work disconnect the battery for a few minutes to re-set the factory alarm setting then try turning the key again...If that fails then lube your ignition with WD40 and work on it some more...Good luck

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