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92 Sc300 Fog Lights


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This year SC actually didn't come with fog lights per-say. What appear to be fog lights to some are really just turn assist lights (the ones pingpong referenced). Fogs didn't show up until the '94 or '95 model year. There is, however, a way to re-wire these turn assist lights to 'act' as fog lights. Go to http://www.intellexual.net/faq.html#091 to "Converting cornering lights into fog lights".

This still won't get you a true fog light, as the prismatic pattern behind the lenses lexus used for the cornering lamps directs most of the light off to the side. But they'll help a bit - plus it'll give the car a better look at night.

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Sweet, thanks. And yeah wasnt sure if they were rice or not ;b

And supercoupe, your the first ive met with the same color I have. Ive been wondering what to do to my car, since my color is a bit diffrent. I was thinking a spoiler, tint the windows, hew headlight housings and that fog light mod. Can you think of anything else?

Heres a pic of mine, its sort of dark out but.


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Yeah, Kavvick, that Silver Spruce Metallic is not one you'd see everyday back when our SCs came out with it. Of course slightly different variations of the color are being used by several manufacturers now. It's really caught on.

Definately get a spoiler. IMHO, an SC without a spoiler is just plain naked! I'm not one of those purists who beleive that the spoiler ruins the form factor - as many people screamed about when Audi put one on the TT (I love it on that car too) - but within reason though. I do maintain a heavy bias towards the 1st-generation spoiler. I think Lexus should have left well-enough alone and never changed the design on the '95 & up model years. That open-air spoiler just doesn't flow with the design language of the automobiles sculpture. But...personal preference always wins here.

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