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Highest Mileage For 98' And Newer


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Ok, We all know the older LS models run for a very VERY long time. I have a 98' with 135,000mi. and the highest miles i've seen on the same year or newer was 245,000 mi. Instead of resurecting the "highest mileage" thread i wanted to start a different one for the newer generations.

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Glad you posted the question for us 2.5 owners.

I've got a 99 with 122k.

It just made me curious b/c the old thread was primarily gen 1 & 2's. As the newer models become more sofistocated(if i spelled that correctly:) you'd have to wonder if they are more prone to problems as we begin to rack up higher miles. Like a true Lexus owner i've always contemplated issues that don't even exsist. I have always had that "what if" complex!

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Gumart1 had 235k miles on his '98 when we met in August '06. His '98 drives just beautifully as it looks...I can't use that saying for my car since it got a little dirty on the drive up to Chicago. LOL


Indeed, His is shiny and beautiful, but......Is that a scuff i see on the back passenger corner? :geek: Not bad i guess considering having that many miles! I'm IMPRESSED! :cheers:

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