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Is300 Is Difficult


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had a hell of a time finding snow tires for my car... had the optional 215's on it but because of a burnout comp when the ice hit northern virgina i could get my car to move anywhere... go figure...

so i set out for pricing on a new set of tires couldnt really find a set of dedicated snow tires that any of the shops in my area carried till i went to mechants who though couldnt find a specific snow tire , they said they had however found a tire that was rated above exellent on snow and ice and were also z rated...

then came the bad news a 716 dollar price tag for them.. and my desperation to have them so i could get to work gave me no other choice... also got my serpentine belt replaced and my oil while i was there... figured why not...

all in all it ended with a price tag of around 118 dollars.... glad i got my tax return... but why must this car be such a pain in the !Removed!...

seems like no matter what i want to do there is a difficulty holding me back

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