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What Other Vehicles Do You Have?


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Being I couldn't find another topic like this, I figured I should start one.

If you've got other vehicles, post up here (pics preferably).

Some of you may have wondered about my username, Suburbazine:

It comes from my Suburban



Our Tahoe for size comparison:


And all of them together:


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My wife drives the RX330 AWD (or will, when it's finally done with warranty fixes later on today we hope). I drive a 1999 Dodge Ram 5.9-litre V8 pickup that gives me the headroom, legroom, power, and hauling capacity I need for the things I like to do. I really love it. Other than simple routine maintenance and one set of new tires, all it's ever needed was a new catalytic converter which was covered under warranty back in August 2003. I've been a member of the dodgetrucks.org forum for years and probably don't have more than five posts there because this truck just doesn't break....

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1) 1992 SC400 modified, upgraded and completely restored...

2) 1993 Toyota Landcruiser, slightly modified and in mint condition

3) 1997 ES300 high freeway mileage but in perfect condition

If your asking what people think of their rides, well I would say -

1992 sc400 - For an older car it looks and drives like new...Very fast and still comfortable...Outstanding reliability....The some what small sized liter V8 motor makes it challenging to modify....A true tank of a car.. Has 115,000 and still purs....

1993 Landcruiser - A bit of a gas gussler for a large 6 banger motor...AWD, and upgrades make the ride enjoyeable and extremely smoothe to drive....Great for trips...family use, daily driver, hauling stuff, and it is even clean enough to take dates out in.... Super reliable and long lasting truck.... Has 200,000 miles on it and drives and looks like new...

1997 ES300 - Peppy for what it is, really just a glorified Camry....Has all the bells and whistles which I like, looks ok, drives ok, but is FWD which I personally do not like... The leather seating is ok...For the money it is a good car to drive....Very clean and runs perfect....134,000 freeway miles... Little higher maintenance and breakdowns compared to my other two cars...


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07 Mercedes S550.... On loan for a month starting tomorrow while my buddy is in Europe...Poor me!!!!

lucky you!

2004 RX330 family car- somthing nice for a night out on the town

2004 Toyota Sienia family car- something nice for a night out to the mall

2002 IS300 1/3 life crisis- something "okay" for a night to myself

1981 Mercedes SEC 500- somethinhg nice but cant find an excuse to get rid of

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In all honesty it seems a "class up", if you know what I mean. Of course he paid $89K. I will be taking notes these weeks and pictures and get back to you guys.

Don't forget we want a full detailed writeup, maybe if you do it well enough someone will tell you how to roll back the miles on the odometer :cheers:

Don't get too comfy with it :lol:

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i believe mercedes is really "steppin" it up with their new cars. They aren t the crappy ones that we have gotten used to for 10 years.


Because I think otherwise, as they used to be the sole symbol of power especially in Asian countries and probably Europe and surely were not associated as crappy (with the exception of the past generation S-class).

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oh no doubt, in europe and asia, they are seen as vehicles fit for demigods. however, eveveryone, im sure, knows that quality is horrible. you cant justify a car with horrible quality. post 1995.

yep, my fuel gauge was not working properly, it was giving me incorrect readings and had to be changed. remember this was like 8 years ago, and it was basically new, with 14K miles on it. They changed the entire system and it resetted back to 0. THey put a sticker on the inside door fram saying that the car actually had 14K miles on it. It was a lease...i dont think they found the sticker. lol

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They did have some quality foibles in the early 00s most notably on the S class. I think the cars always appeared to be high quality, it was just from a reliability standpoint.

And Mercedes has always been regarded as one of the most prestigious cars one can own in the US as well. That hasn't changed.

What they did with your cluster was REPLACE the cluster. Thats why it reads zero, unplugging it wouldn't do that.

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Observation number 1...The heated seats on the Mercedes are "Toasty Warm" unlike the 430 which take a while to heat up to "Kinda Warm". No big deal, but it has been butt warm here, in other words cold for us. Not to you guys up north "butt" , play on words..LOL worth mentioning. The night visuals are outstanding and the cabin lights with the ambiant airline rope lighting is impressive. The ride is comparable to the Lexus as well as the noise level. So far so good and keep in mind I am comparing an 02 Lexus to an 07 Mercedes. He has had problems with service and not due to the car but mainly mis-communication which refers to the nav system updates and headlight adjustments that have been updated. . Car feels bigger and more refined, can't explain it yet..just a feeling. Still concerened about reliability but nothing as of yet. Still feels more "grown Up". Will keep you guys posted as I go.

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lol the heated seats on my RX are so hot they make me sweat sometimes and they burn me...lol

i do agree, theres nothing like sitting in an S class...its part of your mind playing tricks on you. Its suppose to be the epitome of car engineering, and it mostly is. Did he get the nightvision display? how is the COMMAND compared to the idrive...?

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Nice observations. Heated seats are needed when you first sit on the cold seats and need to be hot to do the job, because overtime body heat does the job. My 93 LS takes a long time as well, which at the end makes them pointless.

I agree about the age difference, I think it would have been a very precise comparison if your daily car was a 07 LS.

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About the heated seats- My RX also takes ages to get mildly warm. Not good when it's 30* and you live in Louisiana. :lol:

Now the Suburban, it will have me turning the heat down to minimum in a heartbeat. That or my backside starts perspiring like crazy, even when the seat was freezing 120 seconds ago :lol:

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