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Does The 400h Have Xenon Lights?

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Lexus doesn't use the word xenon anywhere on their website in relation to the 400h, but they are indeed xenon from everything I've read.

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps

Headlamps that provide illumination three times that of conventional halogen headlamps while power consumption is reduced by roughly 30 percent. They also feature auto-leveling that automatically adjusts the angle of the headlamps to help reduce glare to oncoming drivers

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Lexus doesn't use the word xenon anywhere on their website in relation to the 400h, but they are indeed xenon from everything I've read.

they are. It's pretty cool to see them move and "self level" when you start it.

Looking at a 2007 400h for my wife. She is in a fully loaded X5 4.4.

Are the adaptive lights Xenon's?

Thanks all

By the way, if you end up trying to purchase one, you can get a decent deal on them, so don't let the dealer sell it to you for MSRP. :)

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HID's are available in a projector style lamp housing, or they can be had in a "conventional" style housing. The brightness is the same, due to the fact that the type of bulb and the way the light is generated is the same. The real difference is in the matter that the light is focused or, projected out. Typically vehicles like the one's produced for BMW's have always used the projector housing (the RX 400H has that as well) and they allow for accurated beam focus as well as adaptive (they automatically adjust as the vehicle is moving along a road that is undulated).

The 1st generation HID's typically found in the Acura product line did NOT use a projector housing but rather used the more traditional headlamp housing (RX330 without the HID's use a standard headlamp housing) where the traditional bulb was replaced by HID type bulb. The projected light is much more diffused and much less focused (alot of light, emitting in all different directions, including into the eyes of oncoming drivers). This type of headlamp does not permit adaptive light control, traditionally the beam projected follows the movement of the front of the vehicle. This setup has proven much less effective. As well, many aftermarket resellers have offered various kits of HID bulbs to be retrofitted into standard headlamps without much success. Many of these kits are illegal. The quantity of light produced simply overwhelms the headlamp is light is typically sprayed in every direction.



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I wonder if its possible to replace the fog lights with HID lights?

The mounting appears to be the same (at least from outward appearance). But they probably draw more power then the exiting lamps...

I just think it would "complete" the look of car at nitgh if the lower set of lamps were the same cool white colour as the upper set.

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HID bulbs draw on average 35 Watts of power, hence they consume less energy than conventional halogen bulbs which draw 55Watts of power. The other benefit is that they output considerably more light despite the fact they are over 35% more efficient.

As for completing the look, you will need to find whether or not the HID bulbs in question are available or made for the RX 400H foglamp housings. Also, you will need to find a place, relatively close to the foglamps themselves, in order to mount the ballasts. You might want to check out a few things... 1) quality, not all retrokits are created equally, most are junk. 2) You will need to plan your installation and guage whether or not it is feasible or practical.



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