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Seat Memory Issue


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Hi all,

my 1990 LS400 has seat memory option, however, whatever i tried to set it up, the seat wont move an inch when i remove/ insert the key

some facts:

- steering column memory still work (it goes up and move away from me when removing the key then comes back when insert)

- seat power adjustment works fine for all directions

the way i set memory is:

- with engine off, turn key to on position, press 1 while pressing Set until hearing a beep

- manually change seat/ steering wheel position then press 2 while pressing Set until hearing a beep

but in wont work (seat doesnt move on key insert/ remove)

anyone can help?


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The seats never move on key insertion.

Never has in any model or year.

The steering wheel retracts for easier entry and exit. Nothing else

To save a preset in the system:

You put the seat, steering, seatbelt anchor and external mirrors the the position you want them in.

Then, WHILE THE CAR IS IN PARK, you press and hold the set button then press the preset number button once. You will hear a long beep.

At that time the preset is saved.

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anyone knows how to set the seat memory, i think, when properly set, the driver seat will move backward while steering wheel moves upward and retracks close to daskboard

and everything goes back to preset position upon key insert

I don't think the seat move backward on my 94 LS400. However, the seat does move backward on my Infiniti Q45. Perhap you were thinking of that particular model?!

By the way, are you really located in VN?

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