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16" Rim Mod Makes Incorrect Speedo Meter


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the ex-owner of my 1990 LS400 had changed the rims from original 15 to 16" which in turn makes the speedo meter indicates wrong speed display. GPS shows 100km/h while the speedo tells 80km/h :cries:

given that the 93-94 model use 16" rims, should i replace my current speed sensor with the 93-94 one? are they compatible?

thanks for any advise

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I'm not sure if a 93-94 speed sensor would work with your application. 90-94's platform are basically the same but I'm not sure if the electrical components remained unchanged. Maybe someone could chime in?

HCM? I still consider it Saigon. Haha. My friends and I were planning a trip back there this summer. If everything goes as planned then I'll be seeing you soon.:cheers:

I had a plan to have body kits produced in VN and have them shipped to the states. I can provide the mold. Do you happen to know people over there that can make this happen for me?

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