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Drl's Conversion To Xenon


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Anyone know how i can get my drl's to have max voltage (12v) all the time? I want to convert to xenon but they're telling me they need to be at 12v or more to run...

During the day there is <7v going the the bulbs. When i turn the high beams on, more voltage is added.

Is there some easy way to change this? I still want to be able to use these bulbs as high beams at night though....kinda the point! :)


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I want to change the halogens to xenons for the drl's. I want more brightness at night when i have the high beams on. The "yellow" color of the halogens doesn't appeal to me either.

I just need max voltage to them during the day too :( I have no idea how to.

anyone know of a fuse or something? Thanks :unsure:

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The problem with converting secondary lamp highs to xenon is that Xenons can't ignite and diffuse quickly enough to use flash to pass.

Outside of that, it should be no harder than changing your low beams to xenon.

Have you tried just replacing the highs with something like PIAA bulbs?

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Keep in mind, guys, that different eyeballs perceive the light spectrum in different ways. We all see a little bit differently. LexKid630 may actually be realizing a visual improvement that SW03ES and I may not be able to perceive....

Human vision is a complicated and complex subject....

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The 6000k's are much better in my opinion. They really do put the Rx350 & LS's to shame. Besides the VERY wide viewing area on the RX350 & LS, the color and brightness is better with the 6000k's.

Before i changed to 6000k, i used to think the 4300k's in the Rx and LS were GREAT. Now they look like halogens compared to the 6000k. honestly, they don't look white at all!

The brightness and color is amazing, especially on the salted "light gray" roads.

I'm thinking of putting them in the rx350 now.

since i've been demoted to the rx300 i want to get the high beam bulbs to xenons.

The 6000k philips are great :)

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