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Happy Belated Birthday Denny!


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Well, we here at the Lexusownersclub officially aplogizes for neglecting your birthday.:blushing: in no way was it because we dont like you :P but totally out of negligence

great....now that that is over with.:geek: to make it up, i have included a very very big happy birthday. I think its the biggest happy birthday in all happy birthday threads


i think your turning 18. If you are, DO NOT, whatever you do go buy some !Removed! and a pack if cigs :whistles: jkjk (i think thats what kids call it nowadays)

:cheers: from all of us

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Well you didn't have to(even though I jokingly mentioned it in a neglected way in the other thread), but THANKS. :cheers: Yup, 18 :whistles:

Looks like technology is the only way to go nowadays. I got more greetings thru myspace comments and emails rather than cellphone calls! :wacko: What's weird was that I got a fortune cookie yesterday that said "You will soon receive an unusual gift" hmm, still wondering what it'll be :blush::blush::blush:

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