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Frozen Wax

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:cries: So I live in North Dakota, where it gets to be around -34 this time of year. Well, I just got done detailing my car and walked back inside with all my gear, or so I thought. The next morning I found my new NXT meguiars frozen like a rock, and then I wept. j/k but I thawed it out and was wondering, is it still okay to use?

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I agree, I'm trying to keep up with the great 'white death' of salt (gosh, could Montgomery County and the District put any more salt down?????) here in DC, and of course, the threat of snow is on the way for this week...can't wait for spring, when we can REALLY wash our cars and clay, and buff, and scrub, and polish, and detail.....well, you get the idea....

Amnaldpa, cudos to you for detailing your car in ND; I used to live in Rochester, MN, and know what the winters are like in the mid-west/great plains.....hopefully, spring in not that far off....



Sure, it should be fine.

Bravo to you for detailing in those temps! Mine's a mess, I can't bring myself to even wash it and its been in the 20s here lol.

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See my problem is when the car gets covered in salt and sand I'm not comfortable using ONR without a rinse first.

I agree I went over sand and salt last week. We are to get like 8 to 12 inches (of snow tonight). I do (ONR) my car every weekend. I will take pics again; it was bad last week. I was scared the first time and it (salt, sand) melts off!...weird. just like brake dust on wheels. :)

I love the stuff. If they sold 5 gal pails, I would buy them! I like doing ONR, then QS then CG 5050. Works mint. Do that every 4 weeks then JW every 4 to 6 months. Best tip I can give is use a nice WW towel for ONR. I get about 4 to 5 month (40 to 50 washes; 4 diff cars ) then get a new one;

Side note: I just bought 2 gallons of Lucas UCL and 4 gallons of Schaeffer Neutra 131.I love the stuff.

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I usually just stop at the coin op pressure wash place and spray it off then head home to ONR when its that dirty. Usually its not a problem, but its been so cold here.

We're not getting a lot of snow, but we're supposed to get 1/4 to 1/2" of ice tonight and then 2" of snow on top of it. Should be a nightmare...

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My wax wasn't frozen this past week, but it HAD been frozen, and when it came out of the bottle the water was separated. I used it anyway on an aftermarket grill I put on and it seemed to work ok.

I had heard you shouldn't freeze your wax, but dunno if it actually changes the properties of it functionally.

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