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New Here From Japan..

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hi everyone, im the owner of hipertekspeed.com and a new owner of a Toyota Aristo. I really like the car and im very excited to join the VIP club lol... its really big here like the tuning scene. Im not a stranger to cars but im an idiot when it comes to a lot of things..

well, first question is the stereo. the old stereo is skipping non stop and i would like to replace it with an aftermarket cd/dvd player. the stereo harnesses here in Japan for this car is over $300. They call it the "super sound live harness".. screw that, i know there's another option and i just cant find the damn thing on the net. i know there's a harness out there to make sure all the speakers will work in the car.

next, performance. I have owned nissans and the one before the Aristo was an Impreza type RA. I've done some light tuning and such with some bolt ons. what do you guys recommend as far as squeezing a little bit of power out of the 2JZ. I'm doing some research right now but your help would make it easier for me lol.

enough of my yapping. thanks and looking forward to meeting everyone here. i will post pics of my car soon...( as soon as I find out where my wife put my camera lol)

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