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A/c Compressor


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I have 97 Lexus ES300 and I always set my climate control @ 73 F. My current milage is 231,000.

Recently, I have been hearing a chirping noise when the A/C Compressor engages.

I know it's old and has been running for a long time, but is there anything I can do?

What exactly happens when a compressor goes bad?

Thank you.

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The chirping is most likely due to the Alt/Compressor belt slippage. Here are some suggestions:

- Check the condition of the belt, especially the inner track and the sides. Use a flash light or a shop light if you have to. If you see any cracks in the belt or chunks missing, then you'll need to replace the belt. The belts should probably be replaced every 60K-90K miles.

- If the belt looks good, then it might need to be tightened up a bit. When the AC comes on it puts a load on the engine and the belt is slipping and causing the chirping sound. As a rough test, you can press firmly on the middle of the belt and if it goes down more than 1/2 inch then it's too loose.


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