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Valet Switch?


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Hi Gang!

I just discovered your forum by searching for help for my wife's 1999 ES300 (a SMOKIN' RIDE, by the way. You folks are on to somethin').

About 6 months after she got her car new, back about 7 years ago, she got an aftermarket car starter installed. Everything went fine until a couple of months ago when she slammed the starter remote in the car door, destroying the remote. The place we got the starter installed at is no longer in business, so we went the internet route, getting a remote online.

ANYWAYS, the instructions say in order to program the remote, I have to switch the "valet switch" on and off a number of times. Does anybody have any idea what and where the Valet Switch is located? Is it on the car? Would it be part of the remote starter? I have been all over my wife's car and can find nothing.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.


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The valet switch is in the remote starter. I have an aftermarket remote starter as well(Viper). I have to press the lock unlock lock combo while the driver side door is open to set the valet mode. Don't forget to reverse the valet by repeating the steps. Not sure if yours works differently. Good luck.

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The valet switch is in the remote starter.

Thanks, Grace. At least now I know what I'm looking for.

My remote starter is an Avital. I"m not sure if they're in business either. Info is hard to find. I'll keep you posted.


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